Benjamin Baruch

Howl ye; for the day
of the LORD is at hand;
it shall come as a destruction
from the Almighty.

Isaiah 13:6

The LORD has called forth
An Army
of Intercessors
To Pray!

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The History of "The Day of the Lord is at Hand" Message


















 Coming in 2018








Seventh Edition 



This is one of the most important books I have read in the past three years and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in or studying end time Bible prophecy. Benjamin skillfully writes and articulates the events which are about to come upon the earth and specifically the United States. Mr. Baruch is a Biblical scholar and has studied the Hebrew language in depth and gives translations of words to help us better interpret Bible verses. Everything he says is 100% backed by God’s Holy Word. We can see by reading “The Day of the Lord is at Hand” how close we are to the books of Daniel and Revelation (and others) to coming true. Not to give away the book, but he even gives years in which many of these events will take place and they are on the horizon to happen soon! – Sue

There is nothing out there like this book. A must read! – Katerina


I highly recommend this book. Took me a while to get thru it. I found it well researched and thought out and full of information that is invaluable. A must have!!! TIP: Make sure you buy the 7th Edition! – T.J.


Excellent book, it gave me chills realizing how on point all the information is. And it has a lot of Scripture to back up these things. This is a very sobering look at what is at hand. – Nathan


I have never been disappointed with any message or book from Benjamin. He always seeks the Lord and has a way of writing to express Gods will in easy to understand format that is easily read by anyone. The effort you put into reading this will pay off in preparing you for the things of the Lord and that which lies ahead. Everything is already changing and need to be prepared. Read the message. – Ron




Volume One


This is probably the most important book I have ever read in my entire Christian walk of 35 years. It causes us to search our hearts at such a time where deception is rampant even within ourselves. I have read it twice already and continue to prayerfully apply its principles as I meditate on the precepts contained therein. Truly an inspired work. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to honestly examine themselves to see where they are spiritually with the LORD and/or to examine themselves to see whether they are truly in the faith ( 2 Cor. 13:5). – KRR

All of this author’s books are of great value to the serious student of Scripture. I am looking forward to the next publication. This is not your “mainstream” teaching, it is much more valuable than almost anything I have found. As a teacher of Scripture myself, and a writer; I found astounding new information here. – Erlene T.

Awesome. I am reading it for a second time to make sure I did not miss something. – Dixie L.

Excellent!! Christians need to hear this...These books are for the times we are very few church bodies are equipping God’s people with these Biblical teachings!! Every Christian should read these, in my opinion! God bless you Ben...and thank you! - Elizabeth H.

What an awesome gift for us. I’m thankful for this book and look forward to rereading it and the next ones. – Iowa S.

The scriptures have really opened up to me since I’ve read this book…Thank you for it. – Pat

This book has completely changed my walk. Like a surgeon’s knife it will circumcise your heart and convict you, which is what is desperately needed in this complacent age. If you want to truly prepare spiritually for what is about to happen, please read the message in this book. For whoever has ears to hear; the time is short to get our hearts right with The Lord. I encourage all true believers to heed the messages outlined in the book. For those of us who are weary of false comforts and false assurances - this book will shine a light into your heart if you allow it to. – RD

The message contained in this work had me hooked from the first and continues to be a confirmation of the work God has been trying to do in my own heart all along. Many of us have been doing laps around the mountain for years and wondering where God is in all of it. But it is the very deceptions in our own hearts which are of the dark council of the fallen world we live in that have kept us in bondage we ought to have been free from soon after we became believers in Jesus Christ. And the counterfeit houses of worship of this present age have only strengthened the enemy’s influence over our lives and the lives of our children. Out of the Darkness is a powerful message for this perilous hour in which the eternal destiny of millions of souls is at stake. It is a message from the heart of God to His people bringing victory and precious insight into what it means to be an overcomer in this hour. – Steve



Page 31 says, “GOD is not impressed with your knowledge of good and evil. You received this from the fall, and in fact, it is part of the sin nature within you. We operate in this knowledge through pride and through the mind of the flesh which is totally independent of the mind of Christ and if truth be told, it does no good at all”


Why should you get this book????

1. This book is filled to the brim with the truth and wisdom of GOD.

2. Written in a way that is easy to understand.

3. Tackles deep issues that are rarely (if ever) talked about at Church.

4. Explains clearly the difference between the works of the Spirit and the flesh.

5. Call us to be Holy as He is Holy


Thank you GOD! Can’t wait to read the rest of this book and already ordered Volume Two. – TruthSeeker


WOW!!! Benjamin Baruch truly is hearing from the Lord in this hour! This is not a book that you will read in one night... it’s heavy, I could only “digest” in small “doses”, but I feel closer to the Lord and much more spiritually prepared... it’s basically about Judgement from the Lord on planet earth, and especially this nation (US) at this time/near future. Benjamin clarifies a lot of Scripture of the old testament. Hey, I look around me these days and I KNOW without a shadow of doubt judgement is coming/is here. IF you care to know and prepare your heart and family I highly suggest the read! – Cather


This is the word we have all needed from the Lord for a very long time. We are now ready to hear it and willing to allow God to go into the depths of our hearts and clean the whole house. I am sincerely grateful to the writer of this book, for I have needed help to understand the degree of hidden things of the heart. God Bless All who read and understand what the Lord is saying to us. – Dee




Volume Two


When do you expect the third volume to be released? I check every day on Amazon to see if it has been released. Your other two volumes are awesome. I bought over 20 copies of the one and two volumes and gave them to my children and grandchildren. May the Lord richly bless you. – Dixie

A must read! If you are looking for the truth, you found the book. Right from the start, I could not put the book down. Get ready to open your eyes and take a serious look at your life. This book is a clear wake up call to your commitment to God and being honest with yourself. We must look deep within our hearts and get right with our thoughts. If we want to live in the kingdom of God, we must be willing to do the work. As quoted, “The hand of the slacker brings only poverty, whereas the hand of the diligent brings prosperity.” I cannot say enough about this book. This is not a book you will read and put down. Additional copies have already been ordered to share with family members. I can’t wait for the additional volumes to be released. – Daniel



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